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    “Mort’s — also known as Mort’s Cigar Bar or Mort’s Martini & Cigar Bar — has a lengthy happy hour, stretching from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day but Sunday, when the place closes at 10 p.m.” Click the.... More
    “Saint Louis, Missouri has always been an ideal place to start a road trip. I should know – since 2013, it’s the city where I’ve launched all of my travels across America. Centrally located in the.... More
    “If you haven’t already, you need to add these places to your Wichita family bucket list. There are plenty of reasons why, but first, let me ask you this; has anyone ever told you “There’s nothing to.... More
    “Knowing this history of Kansas and African Americans, I had arranged to visit The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM) while in Wichita. This museum is a relatively recent project, but the building.... More
    “One afternoon was well spent in the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, which used to be the Wichita City Hall. (And reflecting this, not only has “Mayor’s Office” been stenciled in gold on.... More
    “If you’ve read my book Midwest Maize, you’ll know that there was a massive oyster craze in the Midwest during the mid-1800s. (And if you haven’t read it, know that there really is a connection.... More
    “Early in Wichita’s history, herds of cattle moving up the Chisholm Trail to the railhead earned the town the nickname of “Cowtown.” So the outdoor, living-history museum that brings that era to life.... More
    “The name alone should make you want to go. Wichita. How many stories of cattlemen and trail rides and early railroads haunted our childhoods, all anchored in Wichita? The history is still accessible,.... More
    “School was out! Summer was stretching out in front of us, full of days spent in the pool, countless trips to the library, and more boxes of popsicles than necessary. I was excited. The first full day.... More
    “Wichita Kansas, the largest city in the state of Kansas, not only has lots of family-friendly activities that will keep you busy and entertained, but this city will also surprise you with its variety.... More
    “Wichita isn't nearly as braggy as it could be about its incredible arts scene. Local and touring artists enjoy strong community support, and the city is bursting with colorful murals, innovative art.... More
    “My family and I had the best weekend! We went to Wichita, KS — just a short drive (less than three hours for us) from Kansas City. I’d be lying I if I said I wasn’t exhausted. I’m BEAT! But, so worth.... More
    “After traveling the world for the last 10 years and absorbing all that I could from cultures that challenged everything that I had known, I heard whispers that a new breeze had been cast on my sleepy.... More
    “Wichita may surprise you with its designation as a cultural and outdoor destination. This remarkable, mid-west Mecca offers an incredible range of attractions. Whether you want to feed and pet a.... More
    “Some of the best things I have learned about a restaurant come directly from the staff. The other few items that I figure out are on my own. If someone told me they were going to put me in an.... More