“School was out! Summer was stretching out in front of us, full of days spent in the pool, countless trips to the library, and more boxes of popsicles than necessary. I was excited. The first full day was a dream! The kids slept in, they played creatively, practiced math facts without tears, and even did a few chores. BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Day two dawned with my middle son whispering in my face, “When can we go to a hotel?” Apparently we needed a vacation. Luckily, the incredible people at Visit Wichita reached out to us with the perfect trip, already planned with our family’s interests in mind. 

The kids were ecstatic! There isn’t much that they love more than sleeping in hotels and eating at new restaurants, and my husband and I were excited that we could get away without being in the car for very long. Sure enough, one Disney movie on their tablets and two chapters in their books and we were in Wichita! It was such a quick and easy trip!” 

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