Intro paragraph: "On our drive through Arizona, we'd felt like a soggy version of Pig-Pen, stalked by rain instead of dust clouds. Walking into Wichita Marriott, we felt like actual Pig-Pen, swirls of dirt and grime clouding around us in the perfectly pristine lobby. Because this was a classy establishment, no one remarked on our disheveled appearance. Oh, sure, we'd showered that morning, but after seven hours in the car we were in definite need of refreshing. Compound that with our exploration of the outdoors for the past week and getting gussied up sounded divine."

Other excerpts from the book:

“We resumed our exploration of Wichita with a visit to Aero Plains Brewing. How can you not love that name? They’re in the Air Capital, in the Great Plains, it’s brilliant. We took a quick tour with co-owner Lance Minor and he pointed out that this country, and specifically Kansas, had gone from riding horses to building airplanes in less than fifty years. Their slogan, ‘Brewed in Wichita, Kansas at the crossroads of history and innovation,’ summed it up quite nicely.”

On Hopping Gnome: “Our next stop was to the first tap room in the city. ‘We’re not gnome people.’ Torrey Lattin said that with a straight face, despite being surrounded by gnomes in his brewery.”

“Torry Lattin was another Wichitan that was overflowing with love for his city. He and his wife didn’t have kids and could have moved anywhere, but instead they chose to stay where they were. ‘Let’s make Wichita better one pint at a time,’ they decided. He said they’d made the right choice.”


On R Coffee Shop: “We pulled up to what’s been called the ‘Coolest Corner in Wichita’ and entered an eclectic shop. The sign on the door said ‘Support Your Local Anything.’ We each ordered a breakfast sandwich, figuring that would be the easiest thing to take on the road. It was the best freaking breakfast sandwich we have ever had in our entire lives. If this is what ‘Support Your Local Anything’ means in Wichita, then I completely and fully support their local.”