Hosting meetings can sometimes feel like an endless routine of introductions, sessions, presentations and networking, but there are ways to make sure your attendees are having a good time and gain a positive event experience. Here are five ways to get on their good side:

1. People like to feel important

  • Personalize your communication with your attendees even before they attend the meeting to create a positive rapport
  • Think about the needs of your attendees and offer surveys about their experiences; listen to them when they provide feedback
  • Reply quickly if they have questions or concerns and offer resources if they are looking for additional information during your event

2. People like swag

  • Create goody bags or gifts for all attendees filled with practical items related to the event
  • Decorate tables with free take-home items like coasters, mugs, bracelets, stress balls, etc.
  • Incorporate raffles, contests or giveaways into the event as people really enjoy the competition and luck of the draw

3. People need to feel energized

  • Offer frequent breaks after sessions for attendees to regroup
  • Offer unique snacks and food options or activities to encourage between-session networking
  • Have your attendees participate in energizer activities coming back from break to help them focus back in to the topic

4. People like interesting speakers

  • Challenge yourself by choosing speakers that bring interesting backgrounds who can share intriguing stories and life lessons from varying perspectives
  • Make sure the speaker is engaging with the audience and can connect with your attendees on a personal level
  • Get your attendees to interact with speakers so they aren’t just sitting back, listening

5. People like change – but not too much

  • Make sure to incorporate something new or exclusive at every event
  • Promote these new features in your events well in advance to boost attendance
  • Work with local entities like Visit Wichita to help your event be a success

If you are interested in holding an event in Wichita or want to see why Wichita would be the perfect place to host, click here. For a list of great facilities, visit our Meeting Facilities page. If you have additional questions, ask our Sales Team