by Heather Egan

I like to say that successful people spend 20% of their time working and 80% of the time telling people what they do. 

That probably sounds backwards right?  But if you think about it, to guarantee success, you have to get the message out.  I may work 80 hours a week, but if nobody knows what I’m doing, what’s the point?

Same with our industry.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard worker, and actually thrive on it.  Visit Wichita has a hard working team.  But if we aren’t communicating what we do, then how will the customer, (you), ever know what we can truly do for them? 

So what can Visit Wichita do for you?  Below are just some of the ways we are here to serve you:

Destination Expert.  It is our job to really know our hotels, facilities (both on and off-site), restaurants, attractions, etc.  Provide us with your meeting specs and we will find the hotels and venues that are the best fit for you.  If you are in need of local support or specialized speakers, we can assist with finding that as well.  It is our job to know our community, inside and out, including what companies are based here. 

Personal Tour Guide.  When you are ready, let us personally introduce you to our city.  We will be there to greet you at Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport, and provide you with a personal site tour, built especially for you and your meeting needs.  Let us show you the ease of getting around Wichita, the wonderful hotels and facilities we have to work with, and a few of our favorite hang-outs as well. 

Cheerleader.  That’s right, we want to help you build excitement for your upcoming meeting, so let us assist you with pre-convention marketing.  Look to us for photos, collateral and other marketing assistance to help you get the word out.  In many cases, we may even be available to attend your conference the year before to help get the word out about what attendees have to look forward to in Wichita.

On-Site Assistant.  Once your meeting arrives in Wichita, we can provide you with registration assistance, name badges, welcome bags, a phone charging station, destination information and so much more!  All you have to do is ask.  We know how much work goes into planning a convention.  Work with Visit Wichita and let us take some of the responsibility off your hands.

Director of Fun!  We want your attendees to have a great experience while they are here.  We know that their experience has a lot to do with the overall success of a meeting.  Let us provide the means to encourage them to experience our city confidently.  We can provide information on our local attractions, restaurants and entertainment venues, even providing special discounts for your organization, and provide the information they need to know on “how to get there.”  We can arrange spousal tours or even set your VIPs up on a special experiential tour, which will allow them to experience our attractions in ways that the regular visitor never will!

Basically, Visit Wichita is here to insure that your meeting planning process is smooth from start to finish.  We will consider our job a success, when you consider your Wichita meeting a success.