If you love to laugh and are over the age of 18, Wichita has the perfect place for you – The Loony Bin Comedy Club  houses a unique collection of live entertainment in downtown Wichita. From top-ranked touring comedians, live music and karaoke to small-scale plays, sketch comedy, fashion shows and group events, there’s always something happening at the club on north St. Francis Street. 

Founded in 2000, The Loony Bin moved to Old Town in the spring of 2014. Having an authentic comedy club experience in Wichita is crucial to the development of entertainment options downtown.

“Wichita is a bigger city than it sometimes thinks it is,” said Ron Shively, The Loony Bin box office manager. “Supporting a venue that deals primarily in live, raw stand-up comedy is a big city kind of thing to do.”

Coming soon, don’t miss out on shows by comedians like Steve Jessup, a viral Internet star who was catapulted into fame when he was arrested for riding a lawn mower while intoxicated. Soon after, he created his own weekly show to discuss uncensored, adult topics. His show is now on the road and makes a stop in Wichita on Oct. 28.

Chris Killian will be in town for shows Nov. 2-3. This Nashville native fell into comedy as a last resort and has been making people laugh since 2010. Killian was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for his song “Bieber Fever,” and worked with the group Funny or Die. His first full-length live album came out in 2012, boosting his boy-band image and delighting audiences nationwide.

If you are looking to be amazed by a Vegas-style mentalist, check out Wichita’s “Master of Delusion,” Curtis the Mentalist and his Mastermind Show happening Nov. 4. Curtis the Mentalist puts on a mind-blowing show full of humor, as he demonstrates mind-reading, telepathy, telekinesis, psychological influence, thought-control and more. This show isn’t full of weird or dark magic and Curtis does not claim to be a psychic. He aims to entertain like a magician would, but by manipulating what you think instead of what you see.

The Loony Bin has been celebrating funny people with Wichita’s Funniest Person Contest since 2002.  You can catch up-and-coming comedians compete for the greatest honor of being the funniest person in town every Wednesday night.  The first six weeks include qualifying rounds, where people sign up for a chance to move on to the next week’s round. At the end of the competition, four performers will remain, chosen by the audience (through applause, of course) to advance to the finals. The winner is finally chosen by a celebrity judging panel and given a cash prize, booking at the club, photo shoot and a “Wichita’s Funniest Person” championship bracelet.

Make a night of it with dinner and a comedy show that will have you rolling in laughter. The Loony Bin has a menu offering appetizers like loaded nachos, pretzels, mozzarella sticks and chips and salsa, as well as full meal options like baked bird bowls, shrimp scampi and boneless chicken salad. For dessert, try an ice cream sundae or brownie bites with ice cream.

Enjoy a full bar and the club’s signature drink, “The Lobotomy,” made with gin, rum, vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry, sour and Sprite. Get a T-Shirt with a large “Lobotomy” for $20. There are other specialty drinks, wine, beer, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages available during the show.

For a complete list of shows at The Loony Bin Comedy Club, be sure to check our calendar of events.

If you are looking to rent the facility, the whole building is available for parties or events. There is a showroom space, projector, screen and full audio system, as well as access to catering and a full far. If you are looking for a smaller space for a cocktail party with 30 or so people, the lobby/bar is free of charge. Contact The Loony Bin Comedy Club for more details.