Studies show that most people struggle to keep all of their New Year’s resolutions. The most recent Marist Poll found that a third of those who made a resolution did not keep any of their promises. The top resolutions when this data was mined included being a better person, weight loss, exercising more, spending less money/saving more and improving one’s health.

One way to improve your chances for success is to tie resolutions to things that you love. Here are suggestions for travel-related resolutions that will be fun to keep!

Take time off

Be sure to include “take vacation” while working on your New Year’s resolutions in the coming weeks. According to Project Time Off, an overwhelming majority of American workers believe that time off helps them relax and recharge, and offers the opportunity to do what they enjoy. Nearly two-thirds of employees say their concentration and productivity at work improve with taking time off. Senior business leaders echo this sentiment: 91 percent believe employees return from vacation recharged and renewed. For decades, Americans took an average of 20.3 days of vacation, but in 2000 that fell below the long-term average and has yet to recover. The latest data shows we’re back up to 16.8 days used but we’re still collectively forfeiting 206 million vacation days a year.

Explore your backyard

Not sure what to do if you take time off from work? Traveling doesn’t have to involve faraway destinations or a huge budget. Plan a staycation and be a tourist in your own town. Go back to your favorite attractions or create an itinerary that takes you to unfamiliar places. With less time and money spent on getting there, you can spend your resources on visiting, enjoying and learning more about the place you call home.

Go someplace new

You can apply this resolution to where you live and where you travel. Expand your horizons and try new restaurants, explore attractions you’ve not yet visited and learn about a culture that is new to you.

Find participatory adventures

If you’re one of the many Americans who usually sets losing weight or exercising more as resolutions, there are fun ways to incorporate moving more into your travel. Spend more time walking to places instead of driving and find participatory adventures. For example, in Wichita you could try bowling, indoor rock climbing, laser tag, motocross, ice skating, horseback riding, golfing, foot golf, swimming or exploring our biking/running/walking paths – the recreation options are endless!

Get the most out of your business trip

If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you to travel, plan ahead in order to take advantage of your free time. Explore the destination’s attractions as much as time affords. Check out the local Convention and Visitors Bureau website for ideas. At the very least, find a scenic walking route to take in the morning before work, research a local coffee shop for your morning brew and eat meals at restaurants that give you a taste of the local culture.