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    2017 Summer Biathlon

    • Date: August 6, 2017
    • Time: 5:00 AM to 9:30 AM
    • Admission: Advance Entry Fee $20; Day of Race $30
    • Location: Lake Afton
      Goddard, KS

    Summer Biathlon was invented by a group of traditional winter biathletes (cross country skiing and rifle shooting) as a way to continue their training during the warmer months of the year. The type of Summer Biathlon that we have here is the basic type consisting of three running stages separated by two short shooting bouts.

    Runners are sent off in pairs at one minute intervals. The order of start seeding is determined by an individuals' 5K running time with faster runners starting earlier than slower runners. This is done to minimize congestion in the shooting range area.

    Once a runner starts, he or she will cover a distance of 1500 meters. Upon completion of this first leg, a runner walks to the shooting range and fires 5 shots in the prone position (lying down) with a .22 rifle at 5 knock down targets. (A scorer will keep track of hits for each person.) Runners then exit the range and run a 2000 meter leg. They then reenter the shooting range and fire 5 shots at the same targets, this time in the standing position. Runners then exit the range and run a final 1500 meter leg to the finish line. Your starting time will be deducted from your finishing time resulting in a net running time. Then, for each shot you hit successfully, you earn a time deduction of :15 seconds for prone and :30 for each hit in standing. Runners are then sorted by net time and awards are determined for overall and age group winners from the net time order.

    Rifles and ammunition are furnished. However, you may use your own rifle subject to the following restrictions: bolt-action, iron sights and a 5-shot clip.