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    Splatterscapes - The Art of Charles Baughman

    Splatterscapes - The Art of Charles Baughman

    Opening - June 14 through Sept. 16, 2018

    Artist reception - June 22, 6pm - 8pm

    Artist Statement -

    I love to explore nature; walk in the woods, dig in the dirt, splash in the water. I have done this my whole life. I still do this today with my children and students. It is my intention to share this joy of nature with others.

    These landscape paintings are my most recent work. My whole process, when it comes to creating artwork, has changed. I put away all my brushes and started experimenting with the paint. The results are drips, drops, splatters and smears that come together as landscapes. I have spent years painting in a traditional, realistic fashion, and because of my knowledge and experience, I understand the layering process that holds a painting together. I have a definite idea in mind when I start a painting. But, I also want that element of surprise. I believe the splatters and drips are like the primordial ooze that creates life. The chaos and destruction allow for new growth. I hope to capture the internal radiance and energy of the natural world. When I paint I am conscious and aware of nature and myself, I allow them to become in tune with each other. That awareness is what makes these works exceptional.