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Sedgwick County Art Walk

When friends Terry Corbett and Tobin Rupe wanted to share art with others, they conceptualized it on a big scale. Sedgwick County Art Walk is an interactive space located in a 20-acre meadow at Sedgwick County Park near the 13th Street entrance. The sculptures use nature as a medium and incorporate themes of conservation.

Turtle Maze, designed by local artist Tobin Rupe, is a walkable path made of Kansas limestone that ends at a stone featuring a medallion and a riddle. The Crane Dance sculpture is a celebration of the return of the whooping crane after the species almost became extinct.

Other installations that will be created include three 30' totem poles illustrated with North American animals, a circle of ten stones of buffalo sculptures, a 125’ long fossil fish made of steel pipe, and a group of stone sculptures in the style of the Inuet inukshuk.

Bring your camera, as visitors are encouraged to touch the sculptures and interact with the family-friendly space. The park is handicap accessible and showcases the work of six Kansas-based artists (Terry Corbett, Tobin Rupe, Conrad Snider, Gino Salerno, Larry Goodwin and Richie Bergen).

Sedgwick County donated the land for the park in 2010 and is responsible for maintaining it. Funding was provided through private donations with the assistance of the Arts Council.

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