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    About Wichita

    The Wild West gave birth to a new era as cowboys and Indians roamed across the Plains, many establishing towns west of the Mississippi. Wichita was one of those towns, established in 1870 by 123 men and one woman, who happened to be the mother of infamous outlaw Billie the Kid. With rich history and cultural significance, Wichita has become a booming industrial mecca known as the Air Capital of the World. Here is all you need to know about our great city:


    Quick Facts

    •  Wichita is the birthplace of Pizza Hut, White Castle, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and the Knork.

    •  A.A. Hyde discovered Mentholatum in 1894. The building where the ointment was originally manufactured is still in use today as The Spice Merchant & Company, a coffee-specialty store. 

    •  The Chisholm Trail came right through Wichita during the mid-1860s and is commemorated in a living history museum, Old Cowtown Museum.

    •  In 2008, the NAACP recognized Wichita as the site of the first sit-in by African-Americans at an all-white lunch counter in August 1958.

    •  Wichitan Gage Brewer played the first electric guitar at the Shadowland Ballroom in Wichita in 1932.

    •  There used to be an island (Ackerman Island) in the middle of the Arkansas River and on that 56-acre island was a full amusement park called Wonderland Amusement Park.

    •  There is a hidden troll statue near the Keeper of the Plains.

    •  Carrie Nation trashed a downtown bar during the prohibition era. 

    Wichita by the Numbers

    •  5,000,000 longhorns driven up the Chisholm Trail to the Wichita railhead

    •  Wichita metro population: 644,510 as of 2017

    •  8,100+ hotel rooms

    •  1,000+ restaurants

    •  160+ performances during Riverfest

    •  34 museums

    •  50 art galleries

    •  29 golf courses

    •  3 universities

    •  29 popular attractions

    •  More than 100 miles of bicycle paths and trails

    •  More than 20 food trucks in the Wichita Food Truck Coalition

    •  30 annual events

    •  20 shopping districts

    •  11 local breweries

    •  Seventh largest zoo in the United States

    •  Sixth most-complete T. rex skeleton

    •  Cessna, Beechcraft & Learjet branded aircraft are manufactured in Wichita. The aircraft assembled in Wichita represent 43 percent of all U.S.-manufactured general aviation aircraft; as a whole Kansas is responsible for 67 percent of all US-manufactured general aviation aircraft.

    Wichita Weather

    •  Annual high temperature: 67.6 degrees

    •  Annual low temperature: 45.7 degrees

    •  Average temperature: 56.7 degrees

    •  Average rainfall: 34.33 inches

    •  Average annual snowfall: 13 inches

    •  225 sunny days each year

    •  Air Quality Index (AQI) in Wichita is 21 percent better than national average

    •  Pollution Index in Wichita is 95 percent better than national average