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2023 Tallgrass Film Festival Film Screenings at Chainlink Gallery


Thursday, September 29

11:00 AM

Deconstructing Karen 

2:00 PM 

Mary Deboutez Zellmer Fenoglio 

4:30 PM

Once Was Lost: the 70-Year Search for Chaplain Emil Kapaun

6:30 PM

Four Samosas


Friday, September 30

10:00 AM

Kitchen Sink Short Film Program

- Ang Motel
- Convection
- ""jokes""
- North Star
- Riskfalling
- Three points of Suspension 

1:00 PM

That Thing | That Sound

3:30 PM 

The Civil Dead

6:00 PM 

We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment Film, Concert & Wichita Man Gala


Saturday, October 1

10:00 AM

Kansas Short Film Program

- As the Crow Flies
- Grand Nationas - the '74 Fire
- Searching for La Varda
- Shaky Hands
- Something to Fear
- The Cycle
- The Den
- Vegan Apocalypse

12:30 PM 

Little Satchmo

3:00 PM 

Donnie Darko (35MM)

5:30 PM

The Toxic Avenger

08:00 PM

Awards Ceremony

09:00 PM 

Butterfly in the Sky


Sunday, October 2

11:00 AM

The Pez Outlaw

2:00 PM

No Place Like Home: the Struggle Against Hate in Kansas 

4:30 PM 

Mama Bears

7:00 PM

Still Working 9 to 5