Group Travel

Discover the tours offered in the Heart of the Country. Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, radiates friendliness and ingenuity as the Air Capital of the World. Groups love the diversity of experiences from behind-the-scenes animal encounters and innovative breweries to dynamic concert venues and multiple shopping districts. Tour options include everything from sampling local, craft brews to discovering why Wichita is the Air Capital of the World.

Wichita is centrally located and exudes Midwest friendliness. Groups love the destination’s amenities, affordability and welcoming spirit. Plus, the city is easy to navigate and has more than 8,100 hotel rooms to choose from. The city’s central location makes it easily accessible for traveling groups with drive times less than 10 hours across 11 different states. Wichita is also a great hub for touring everything south central Kansas and northern Oklahoma have to offer.