Wichita Wizards

After playing in the Minor League Basketball Association since 2019, the Wichita Wizards became a founding member of the Mid-America Basketball Association (MABA) in late 2022. The new professional league is the creation of Wizards owner Mark Creed and will play its inaugural season starting in March 2023.

The Wizards team is made up of former college players and those looking to play at the next level professionally. In three seasons, the Wizards earned three conference championships and hope to take that success into the new league. The Wichita Wizards play home games at Garvey PE Center on the campus of Friends University; regular season games are March through June. Look for music, giveaways and much more entertainment along with a high level of basketball when the team hits the hardwood.

Learn more about the team and get tickets by visiting wichitawizards.com.

Wichita Wizards Basketball Team at the Keeper of the Plains

A League of Their Own

The MLBA was created in the fall of 2017 by a group of team owners from other leagues, who wanted a league controlled by owners instead of a commissioner. The league consists of approximately 20 teams and has four conferences. Wichita is part of the new Heartland Conference and is competing for a chance to take the MLBA Championship title in July.

Wichita Wizards Basketball Team

Why Wichita

Wichita has a great tradition in basketball, and has been in dire need of a professional team for decades. Now the opportunity is here for players to hone their skills in hopes of playing at the next level. The MLBA team adds to an extensive collection of professional sports proving Wichita truly is a sports city.

Each season, the Wizards play approximately 14 regular season games. The team is made up of former college players and those looking to play at the next level professionally. In 2021, all 12 active roster players are local Wichitans.

The Wichita Wizards play at Garvey PE Center at the Friends University Campus.

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