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Wichita Wingmen

Wichita has lacrosse, called one of today’s fastest growing sports in the United States by the Sports and Fitness Association and the “fastest game on two feet” by its devotees. You’ll find this unique combination of football, hockey and basketball played in the Wichita area by coed youth teams, high school boys teams and the Wichita Wingmen, the official men’s Wichita lacrosse team.

The Wichita Wingmen welcome men ages 18 and older who are experienced players or who are looking for a challenging workout while picking up a new sport. They scrimmage throughout the spring and begin playing a summer league each May, traveling to tournaments in neighboring states. They host the Air Capital Lacrosse Classic in October, which in the past has attracted teams from Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The Wichita Wingmen club team started in 2004 and is part of the Wichita Lacrosse Association, which also includes youth leagues for grades 2 through 8 and high school leagues that have spring seasons. Lacrosse is played in Wichita at Stryker Soccer Complex, Southview Park, East View Park, Brown Thrush Park and fields at Greater Wichita YMCA locations, among other sites.

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