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Open Streets ICT

Open Streets ICT is part of the Open Streets Project that's designed to elevate the health and well-being of the community as well as promote a positive quality of life for all people through social engagement and healthy living.

What started in 2017 as an annual event during the fall along Douglas Avenue downtown in conjunction with Avenue Art Days, has grown into a biannual occasion with the addition of a second event in the spring at the Nomar Market on the north side of town. Participants are encouraged to bike, walk, run, experience live music and dancing, entertainment, art, food, yoga and more while supporting local businesses and exploring activity hubs.

  • Nomar Market (spring): 1-mile stretch from Broadway Avenue to Woodland Park is closed to traffic.

  • Douglas Avenue (fall): 4-mile stretch from College Hill (Bluff St) to the Historic Delano District (Glenn St) is closed to traffic.

Get out and get active on the streets of Wichita and support social engagement and healthy living.

Roaming the streets during Open Streets ICT

2024 Events

Open Streets ICT will take place downtown on Douglas Avenue on October 13.

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