Restaurants with Private Dining

For an intimate evening or an exclusive group experience, Wichita offers more than two dozen restaurants with private dining. There’s a range of menu options to meet everyone’s cuisine preferences and budget.

For small groups, Greystone Steak & Seafood offers side rooms for as few as four people. 6S Steakhouse offers private booths with curtains that can be pulled for privacy. There are also deluxe booths allowing guests to program their own music or call for a personal server at the touch of a button.

Looking for an upscale steakhouse or seafood dinner? Try Scotch & Sirloin for groups up to 100 people, 6S Steakhouse for groups of up to 50 people and Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar for at least 40 attendees.

Explore international cuisine at Vora Restaurant European with two rooms for up to 50 people or Georges French Bistro with two rooms big enough for 50 guests. For smaller groups, try YaYa’s Eurobistro rooms sized for up to 18, 45 and 55 people. Those rooms can be combined for a larger space holding 118 people.

Other unique options include holding your event at a local brewery like PourHouse by Walnut River Brewing Company, which has an upstairs loft area big enough for large groups or River City Brewing Co.’s loft which allows for outside catering.

In total, Wichita offers more than 1,200 restaurants of all sizes and varieties.