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Museums on the River

In the heart of Wichita flows the scenic Arkansas River, a centerpiece of the city that connects all it surrounds. As you follow the river's path you will encounter the Museums on the River, comprised of Botanica WichitaExploration PlaceMid-America All-Indian MuseumOld Cowtown MuseumWichita Art Museum and the Wichita Baseball Museum. These six museums and attractions are located within 5 miles of each other, making it easy to visit them all in one day.

Within the Museums on the River is the Keeper of the Plains, a must-see landmark in the Heart of the Country. Visit the Keeper by crossing pedestrian suspension bridges from either the intersection of west Central Avenue and Nims or from McLean Boulevard. If you are exploring during the day, the Keeper is accessible from the Mid-America All-Indian Museum.

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