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Electric Scooters

Zip around downtown Wichita in style with the city's newest mode of transportation - electric scooters. With hundreds of scooters available for rent, visitors and locals now have another option for exploring the city's core.

Bird Electric Scooters

How It Works

Download the app for the scooter you'd like to ride and setup your account and payment information (the company currently operating is VeoRide). Use the map in the app to locate a nearby scooter. Once you've found the scooter to ride, open the app and scan the QR on the scooter to unlock it, then you're ready to take off. Pricing varies by the amount of time you ride. On average, a ride costs around $2-5 ($1 to unlock the scooter and $0.25-$0.39 plus tax per minute).


  • Users must be at least 18 years old
  • Only one person per scooter
  • Scooters may only ride two abreast
  • Do not park scooters in front of doors or anywhere inhibiting walkways
  • Helmets are encouraged
  • Ride as close to the right as possible, preferably in bike lanes (no sidewalks)
  • Follow all street signs and laws
  • Scooters must only be operated until 9 p.m. or dusk

Why Scooters?

Wichita is a forward-moving city always looking for the next best way to create an easy way to get around in downtown Wichita. Electric scooters provide a fun option for a family-friendly activity or an easy, fast way to get around the area.

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