Art Garden at Wichita Art Museum

A perk to visiting the Wichita Art Museum is touring its outdoor art garden! Since 2015, public art enthusiasts have appreciated the outdoor sculptures that sit amongst over 100 trees, 600 shrubs, 20,000 perennials and indigenous grasses. Admission to tour the award-winning garden is free and accessible 24 hours a day to individuals who want to take a self-guided stroll to view over a dozen sculptures. 

Visitors can expect to see a collection of breathtaking sculptures positioned from various vantage points. Each stroll through the garden presents a new experience as seen from a different perspective. From dawn till dusk, the ever-changing sunlight casts down on the art garden transforming it into a dynamic space for visitors to enjoy. Touring with a small group? There are a number of gathering places in the garden to relax and admire the landscape masterpiece. 

One sculpture in particular, “Dreamers Awake” by Tom Otterness, is listed as an 8 Wonders of Kansas Art finalist. Two bronze figures with fragmented bodies stand with authority in the space. The Wichita-born artist completed the sculpture in 1995 and went on to have his work commissioned by others including pieces in New York. 

When visiting the Wichita Art Museum, make time to explore its attractive art garden. Another bonus? The museum often hosts family-friendly events on the grounds, so check our calendar of events for upcoming opportunities.

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