Wichita Coffee Shops

Dive into the Wichita coffee scene dripping with authentic mixtures & unrivaled flavors. With a collection of shops offering exclusive brews, have a taste of Wichita & explore the hidden gems.

Enjoy the unique experience you’ll get at Churn & Burn, where their coffee and house-made cream mixtures are frozen with liquid nitrogen. Would you like to try coffee with interesting flavors such as amaretto, butterscotch, white peach or blood orange? Head to Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates for an experience like none other. On the west side of Wichita, enjoy a positive atmosphere at Ecclesia, a coffee shop that prides itself on its ethically-purchased and direct trade coffee. One of the newest coffee shops in Wichita, Sente, offers a mixture of coffee and board games, allowing members to pay a small fee to play more than 200 board games while hanging out with friends.

Wichita Highlights