Keepers on Parade

Keep your eyes peeled! You never know when you’re going to spot one of the picturesque Keepers on Parade around Wichita.

Initially, over a dozen artists were chosen to paint the Keeper 150 statues as a part of a public art project by Together Wichita to celebrate the city’s milestone birthday. Each 10-foot tall fiberglass Keepers on Parade statue is a painted “mini” version of the city’s iconic downtown sculpture, Keeper of the Plains, which honors the culture of Native Americans who used to live in the area.

Today, the initiative is organized by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce. New Keepers on Parade statues are being added with dedications taking place as lasting gifts to the city.

The style of art incorporated on the statues varies and each commissioned artist’s work is presented for approval. From graffiti art to intricate brush strokes, each Keeper on Parade’s style is individual to the artist. Keeper artists live and work in the city and their connection to Wichita is evident in the finished piece. Each Keeper is unique showcasing vivid colors and imagery that typically represents the location where it is located.

Discover all of the Keepers on Parade on a self-guided tour.

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