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Wichita Colleges

Kansas is home to several accredited universities, three of which are right here in Wichita. They offer endless options of study and a multitude of student involvement opportunities. 

The largest university, Wichita State University, is home to more than 14,000 students and has 200+ student organizations, ranging from a bacon lovers club to specific cultural and international clubs.

Friends University is home to about 3,000 students and focuses on positivity and service through Christian-based education. With age-old traditions like the Cherry Carnival, which includes dancing, chili, movie nights and a scavenger hunt, to the annual tree lighting in front of a historic clock tower, students can get involved to create their college experience. Friends University also offers several degree programs and a number of on-campus student organizations.

Newman University was founded by the Wichita Adorners of the Blood of Christ, a Catholic group of women stemming back to the early 1800s Italy. Anchored in a foundation of faith, the college promotes servitude and humility. With more than 40 undergraduate and many graduate courses, this university serves nearly 3,000 students.

All of these colleges also hold pride in their athletic departments. See what kinds of sports are offered at each.

Wichita Highlights