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Interactive Experiences

Wichita Art MuseumExploration Place | Botanica Wichita

Wichita Art Museum

Family ArtVenture

Saturdays are free at Wichita Art Museum. 

Cost: Free
Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. fourth Saturday of every month
Description: Grab the family and experience special gallery activities and free crafts for the whole family. Held on the fourth Saturday of every month, each ArtVenture consists of a new theme and new experience for all ages.

Exploration Place

Piloting Innovation

Immerse yourself in innovation while in the Air Capital of the World.

Cost: $20 per person
Time: Available during regular museum hours
Description: Explore science and technology with a hands-on experience at Exploration Place. Participate in experiments involving jet propulsion, mechanical advantage and even race a drone to see how well you pilot innovation. This experience is designed for adults.

Botanica Wichita

Downing Children’s Garden

The Downing Children’s Garden at Botanica Wichita is just one of 30+ themed gardens each offering unique experiences. 

Cost: Included in regular museum admission
Time:  Open during regular museum hours
Description: This hands on, interactive garden brings magic to life with activities for children including a working water pump, giant tree house, chalk drawings, a musical maze and other features to get kids engaged with nature.

Botanica Carousel Experience

Located next to the hands-on Downing Children’s Garden, Carousel Gardens holds a piece of Wichita history. 

Cost: $20 per person; tour prices include museum admission
Time:  By reservation only at least one week prior to tour
Description: The original carousel from Joyland, an old theme park in Wichita sits in the middle of the pavilion for all to witness its restoration. This carousel is just one of only five Allan Herschell Carousels left in the world. The Carousel Gardens also include several small features such as a sliding hill, places for kids to dip their toes into cool streams, water battle stations and small fountains for splash play. This experience takes visitors behind-the-scenes to learn about this restored masterpiece. See all the little touches that helped preserve its original feel while modernizing it for its new home at Botanica, as well as the little details that make it unique to Wichita. View the carousel and the new pneumatic organ, the “Midget Monster,” get a token to ride the carousel and enjoy a beverage and chocolate carousel horse!

Wichita Highlights