NBC World Series

Don't miss the boys of summer as they battle it out at Riverfront Stadium, located on the west bank of the Arkansas River in Wichita. Since 1935, the NBC World Series brings a one-of-a-kind baseball experience to the Air Capital of the World.

Lawrence Dumont - NBC


He's a legend in Wichita - Raymond "Hap" Dumont started the National Baseball Congress National Tournament in Wichita in 1935 at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Courting big names like Satchel Paige (and paying him $1,000 to bring his all-star team to Wichita), the tournament became an instant hit across the nation.

First Baseball Game at Riverfront Stadium


After decades of greats taking the field at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, the City of Wichita is moving to the future with Riverfront Stadium, an exciting new baseball complex and home of the Wichita Wind Surge. The NBC World Series is a perfect opportunity for MLB teams to send scouts to scope out the impressive amateur talent showcased during the games. For over 85 years, Wichita has been the top destination for MLB hopefuls to take to the field looking to shine on the diamond for their shot at the big leagues.

La Roche - NBC World Series

NBC Alumni in MLB

The history of the NBC Tournament includes the legacy of the Kansas Stars, a professional team made up of former MLB players. The Stars played in Wichita until 2018.

Since 1935, the NBC World Series has birthed more than 800 Major League Baseball players. Here are just a few of the current MLB players who got their start at this tournament:

  • Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels
  • Alex Gordon - Kansas City Royals
  • Conor Gillaspie - San Francisco Giants
  • Hunter Pence - Texas Rangers
  • Jacoby Ellsbury - New York Yankees
  • Jason Castro - Minnesota Twins
  • Tim Lincecum - Texas Rangers

Liberal at NBC World Series


Several amateur and collegiate-level teams come to Wichita each summer to play in the NBC World Series. Here are a few of the leagues you can expect to see:

  • Alaska Baseball League
  • California Collegiate League
  • Centex Collegiate Baseball League
  • Houston Collegiate Summer League
  • Kansas Collegiate League Baseball
  • Mile High Collegiate Baseball League
  • Southern California Collegiate Baseball League
  • Sunflower Collegiate League
  • Western Baseball Association
  • Independent Baseball Leagues

2022 Event

The 88th NBC World Series will take place July 28 - August 6. Locations and details TBD. 

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