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Wichita Trip Itineraries

The largest city in Kansas has plenty to keep you busy for a weekend or a week! Even if you’re here for just a day, you can get a flavor of what Wichita has to offer. 

With exciting outdoor attractions, fun and educational museums, a multitude of dining choices the whole family will love, and one-of-a-kind entertainment options, it’s easy to start building your own collection of memories in Wichita. And making the most of every moment is effortless and fun with itineraries the Visit Wichita team has put together to help guide you in finding the experience that’s right for you.

What Trip are You Planning?

get inspired

If these aren't your style, build your own fully-customized adventure to suit your travel style with our Trip Planner. No matter how you plan your trip, there is so much to do in Wichita you won’t be able to mark everything you want to do off your list in one visit.

Wichita Highlights