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Alley Doors

Looking to explore Wichita while searching for art off the beaten path? Then take the self-guided tour of Alley Doors, a community art project launched in 2020, adding beauty and character to Wichita’s always-evolving core.

Kansas artists created unique art using paint and the existing doors at various properties that will take you into Downtown Wichita, Old Town, and the Douglas Design District. Even if you’ve previously visited one of the buildings on the tour, you’ve likely never looked in the alley for art!

The tour provides a safe, socially distanced way to enjoy art and explore our city on foot. The doors can be accessed any time of year. At a casual pace, you can find the 10 doors in about an hour, with plenty of time to snap an Instagram-worthy image or two. You can easily make this a longer outing, too, stopping for beverage and snack breaks along the way or popping in a retail shop. You’ll also come across other public art on the route.

This beautification project, and many other revitalization projects, is led by Downtown Wichita and funded by the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation.

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