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    Tanganyika Wildlife Park

    You can get wild in Wichita with one of the city’s most unique experiences: Tanganyika Wildlife Park. This exotic destination is located just 15 minutes west of the city and features some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to interact with wildlife.


    Ringtail Lemurs – Take a craisin and step up to a line of hungry ringtail lemurs as they eagerly await their treat. 
    Indian Rhinos – Clara and Stacks are hungry! Feed these two Indian rhinos by tossing grain into their mouths.
    Pygmy Hippos – Pluto and Posie are always up for a good time and they also love snacks. Have fun hand-feeding these two in this up-close-and-personal experience.
    Giraffes – Let these gentle giants wrap their tongues around your fingers as you feel them lettuce.
    Lories – These colorful birds will sit on your hand and drink nectar from a cup.
    African Tortoises – The children’s zoo has several opportunities for feeding animals including the large sulcata tortoises.
    Bunnies – They might just be average rabbits, but their soft fur and eagerness to hop right up to you will have you wanting to feed them all day.
    Guinea Pigs – Give them a snack and feel how soft they are. Children can have a blast feeding these cute animals and maybe talk mom and dad into getting one as a pet!
    Camels – Have you ever wanted to hop on the back of a camel and go for a ride? You can at Tanganyika Wildlife Park! And Charlie is a crowd pleaser!
    Quarter Machines – There is also the option to feed Nigerian dwarf goats, alpacas and fish with the food coming out of the quarter machines. All the animals are eager to eat, so be sure to spread the love!

    American Humane Certified Seal of Approval

    Tanganyika has been given the Human Certified seal of approval; meaning the care and welfare of the animals meet American Humane’s certification standards. Founded in 1877, American Humane is the country’s first national humane organization and the world’s largest certifier of the welfare and humane treatment of animals. Tanganyika is the first facility in Kansas and only one of 17 in the world to receive this seal of approval. It is the first family-owned facility to receive the certification.

    Event Space

    Plan your next party at Tanganyika, which has three different venue spaces for that unique twist to any event.  Tanganyika has space for corporate and private events, family events and weddings, and creates a beautiful backdrop for photo shoots.  The park is the highest rated and most awarded venue in the area, offering multiple rooms and options to fit groups of all sizes and budgets. All proceeds go to support some of the rarest animal species in the world.

    To learn more about Tanganyika Wildlife Park, click here.