Drone photo of the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita

Welcome to the Heart of the Country

You don’t follow a menu when you’re in a city, you follow a vibe. In Wichita, you’ll see the great things we have to offer on the beaten path and the things off the beaten path. Because that’s what we do here. We welcome visitors. We’re not jaded, we’re jazzed you’re here. Visit Wichita but never feel like a visitor. Welcome to the heart of the country.

Experience Wichita

like a local

Where can I go for a milkshake that ruins all other milkshakes for me? Where can I get barbecue that melts in my mouth and melts my heart? Where’s the best dive bar? No, divey-er. Wichitans love to show you Wichita—from the mainstream to the hidden gems. Let them be your guide to the heart of the country.

There's a Lot to Do Here

pace yourself