Want to stay on top of your fitness while traveling? Look no further than Xtreme Hip-Hop with Millz in Wichita! Under the guidance of the dynamic instructor Camille "Millz" Scott, this fusion of step aerobics, dance and hip-hop music guarantees you can keep up with your health goals even on the road. Be ready to step, smile and sweat your way to a healthier you!

Xtreme Hip-Hop instructor in motion

A passion turned profession

Millz’s journey with Xtreme Hip-Hop began in 2020 when she attended a class and instantly fell in love with the dynamic workout. She found herself eagerly anticipating each session, making exercise feel more like a dance party than a traditional gym routine. Millz became a certified Xtreme Hip-Hop instructor the following year under Xtreme Hip-Hop creator Phillip Weeden, also known as Phil. Today, she serves as a statewide master trainer, helping to train other instructors and to introduce step aerobic exercise to new audiences.

Xtreme Hip-Hop class

The Xtreme Hip-Hop experience

With classes set to a backdrop of lively hip-hop and R&B beats, including throwback hits and music from artists like Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, DJ Unk, Jeezy and Gucci Mane, every session is a party in motion.

Unlike conventional gyms, Xtreme Hip-Hop offers a way for you to shake up your fitness routine. When she travels, Millz participates in Xtreme Hip Hop classes all over the country. And you can too when you add the Xtreme Hip Hop With Phil app to your phone or browse the country-wide instructor list!

Millz ensures that both beginners and advanced participants feel welcomed and supported throughout the class. Advanced participants readily assist newcomers, offering pointers and encouragement to ensure everyone has a fantastic workout experience.

Join the fun at Go Dolla Fitness

Xtreme Hip-Hop with Millz hosts sessions at Go Dolla Fitness located at 2627 E. Central Avenue in Wichita. Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, providing the perfect opportunity to groove, tone and build strength while enjoying the infectious energy of the music and the supportive atmosphere created by Millz and her team.

Xtreme Hip-Hop instructor

Xtreme Hip-Hop with local instructors

Millz is part of a network of other dedicated Xtreme Hip-Hop instructors. So, whether you choose to dance alongside Millz or venture into a class with another instructor, the spirit of community and dedication to fun, effective workouts remains consistent across all Xtreme Hip-Hop sessions. The Wichita-based network offers classes Monday through Sunday with morning and evening availability. Other locations include Karar Dance Academy, Genesis Health Club, McConnell Air Force Base, RX Fitness Studio, Eastview Park and Fun of a Kind Fitness.

Two participants at Xtreme Hip-Hop

Your invitation to Xtreme Hip-Hop

Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your workout journey, Xtreme Hip-Hop welcomes you with open arms. No reservation is required. Drop-in rates are affordable at only $10 per class, making it easy to join the fun whenever you're ready. All you need to bring is a towel, a water bottle and your enthusiasm. Aerobic steps are provided.

Discover the joy, camaraderie and incredible workout that Xtreme Hip-Hop with Millz – or other instructors – have to offer. See you on the dance floor! And find even more Black experiences in the Heart of the Country.