Wichita is a surprising, yet bustling hub for outstanding Asian cuisine and culture. Food has always served as a gateway to understanding and acceptance of a culture. In Wichita, there are great restaurants and markets to help you connect and appreciate the local Asian people. Start your journey by getting a taste of these Wichita Asian staples at popular local spots.

Three people smile while they dine at New Paradise restaurant in Wichita

4 must-try Asian dine-in restaurants

New Paradise Biryani Pointe
1648 S. Rock Road

New Paradise Biryani Pointe is a local favorite for Indian cuisine. The restaurant is Tuesday through Sunday. Must try dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Biryani, Tandoori Shrimp and buttery and garlic Naan Bread.

Chiang Mai
3141 S. Hillside Street

Open Monday-Saturday, Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant is a southside staple. For over 15 years, Chiang Mai has served the Wichita area their signature Thai stir-fries, seafood dishes, curries and much more from their extensive menu. Remember to grab a cold refreshing glass of Thai tea to accompany your meal.

Manna Wok Oriental Restaurant
4865 E. Harry Street

This family-owned restaurant has been serving patrons for over 23 years. Their most popular dishes include beef bulgogi, jajangmyeon and beef galbi. Manna Wok Oriental is a treasured east side staple for Korean food. Open Monday-Saturday, enjoy an authentic Korean lunch or dinner.

GangNam Korean BBQ and Sushi
210 N. Washington Street

GangNam Korean BBQ and Sushi is a family favorite in Wichita. This interactive and communal cook-it-yourself restaurant offers a variety of dishes to enjoy alone or with a big group. Order raw seasoned beef and cook it to your preference at your table. Want to opt for a more convenient option? GangNam offers a menu of prepared dishes and sushi. Wichita’s only late-night Korean BBQ spot is open seven days a week.

The owners of Grace Market pose for a photo in front of their store

Get a taste of culture at Wichita’s Asian markets

Kim Son
960 E. Pawnee Street

This Vietnamese-centered market offers a variety of Asian herbs, spices, snacks and more. You can find everything you need in order to try your hand at an Asian recipe. Kim Son also offers live seafood and fresh fruit native to Asian countries. Order ahead and grab a plate of fried rice or egg rolls from their kitchen for a delicious lunch. Kim Son is open seven days a week.

Grace Korean Japanese and Asian Market
1030 Oliver

Grace Korean Japanese and Asian Market carries not only Asian groceries but also toys, skin care, makeup, clothing and more. Stop into this hidden gem behind the store for a delicious meal. The Grace Market menu offers authentic Korean and Japanese cuisine. Choose from crowd favorites such as Japanese udon, Korean cold noodles, kimbap and ginseng chicken soup. This quick and convenient to-go food will leave you wanting more. Grace Market is open Tuesday to Sunday.

Wichita’s Asian culture runs deep, and there are a number of ways to immerse yourself in it starting with the food. Learn about additional ethnic markets in Wichita by reading this blog post and explore our other blogs about the Asian experience in Wichita.