First, it was the surge of the Internet, and now millennials and Generation Z have proven themselves to be great with digital marketing and branding. As algorithms get smarter and more options pop up at the touch of a fingertip, how do you get younger people off their phones and to your event? 

Here are three ways you can boost the attendance of millennial or Gen Z attendees to your next meeting: 

phone resting on a keyboard with social icons on the screenBefore you meet, meet them where they are

It’s that simple. Make sure ahead of your event, you are advertising on social media and on the platforms where they are spending their time. For instance, millennials are more likely to be on Facebook and Twitter, and Gen Z is focused more on Instagram and Snapchat. Tailor your advertising and callouts to the type of content they’re consuming on a daily basis. 

  • Gen Z is known for their snap-decision making, so make sure your ads, newsletters or collateral contains vivid, interesting content that draws in their attention prior to reading information.
  • After you have their attention, send them on an informational scavenger hunt about speakers or topics related to your event. The harder information is to find, the more gratifying it is.
  • You must maintain enough interesting content on different platforms to hold their attention. These two generations crave a “behind-the-scenes” story with exclusive information they feel like only they know.

Women enjoying the Brew Wagon Tour in Wichita KSMake your meeting more than a meeting

Enhance the appeal of your event by showcasing what the city has to offer in the form of live entertainment, nightlife and things to do outside of the typical conference atmosphere. Better yet, have your meeting in Wichita and let us prove why it’s the coolest place in the Midwest for millennials and Gen Zers. 

  • Millennials and Gen Zers crave authenticity. They like believable examples and first-person experiences. Many of their decisions are made based on testimonials and others’ experiences.
  • Create an app for your event that allows your attendees to gather information, create their own schedule or itinerary and offers the cliff-notes version of every breakout session. This age group loves time-hacks and condensed notes that give them maximum information.
  • Respect their time. If they feel something is droning on too long, they will clock out. Make sure sessions are concise, full of fast-paced information, interactive slides and engaging content.

Tanganyika Group Selfie with a giraffeMake your meetings interactive

It is true people learn in different ways, but in order to grab the attention of a Gen Zer, you only have eight seconds. Do so with vibrant visuals, including video and photos or other digital experiences. Make sure your meeting accommodates the need for millennials and those in Gen Z to interact with speakers, whether through sharing posts on social media or live-tweeting. Even something as small as a poor WiFi connection can leave a negative impression with your attendees. 

  • Change up your meeting venue. Instead of meeting in a conference room at a hotel, opt for a unique experience for your attendees. 
  • Choose fun speakers like influencers and real people with exciting backstories. They tend to be better-received over industry experts.
  • If your attendees can’t make it to all the sessions they would like to attend, make sure you record the content and make it easily available online.

Wichita is the perfect place to host events if you want to draw in millennials or Gen Z because of all the things to do outside of your meeting. From vibrant nightlife, unique experiencesa rich culture, artistic vibes and awesome attractions, there’s something to keep every generation entertained while in Wichita.

Are you gearing up for a meeting? Learn how to plan your next event in Wichita. To find out all the things to do, check out our calendar of events page.