The Museum of World Treasures is full of ancient artifacts, dinosaur fossils and historical items from all over the world. I thought it was a hidden gem, but when I went, there was a line almost out the door.

Parking can be tricky because there are not many handicap spots near the entrance, so be prepared to park at a nearby location. River City Brewing Co., as mentioned in my other blog, has a lot of parking in front and is located across the street, so if the spots closest to the museum are taken, take a peek at that eatery.

The ramp to get to the door is zigzagged, and even though there’s a long ramp, it’s not too steep. The doors can be a little heavy, but there’s a button to help. Once inside, you’ll buy your tickets in the store and be on the first of three levels with displays.

The exterior of Museum of World Treasures

First Floor

Right around the corner from the gift shop where you enter, there’s an elevator. There is the only elevator in the museum, so you might have to be patient. Instead of waiting, you could always look at the T-Rex Ivan, fossils, mummies and the Buddha collection, then try and time the elevator when you see it coming down.

Hunter Vance poses near an exhibit at Museum of World Treasures

Second Floor

The second floor is where you’ll find war displays and the Hall of Presidents. Some of the exhibits have a slight bump, but nothing a little wheely can’t fix. It’s also where you’ll find the bathroom, and they’re single stalls and easy to manage.

Two boys play on the third floor of the Museum of World Treasures

Third Floor

The third floor is mainly the museum’s event space, but there are still more exhibits to see. Also, if you’re with children, Ivan’s Playhouse is a great place to let them use their imagination. One thing to keep in mind is the walkway by the railing is a little slim. People can shimmy past you, but I don’t see how two people in wheelchairs could get by at the same time. One at a time, as my middle school teachers would say.

All together, they have tons of interesting history to view, and you should have no problem getting around!

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