Art takes many forms around Wichita, but none give the city as urban of a feel as the many murals decorating the downtown area. From positive messages to a surplus of Wichita pride, the vibrant paintings speak life into abandoned buildings and engage the community in an appreciation for art.

Lupoli Mural - Visit Wichita
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Lupoli – Josh Tripoli and Rebekah Lewis “Wichita” – 3407 E. Douglas Ave.

On the side of College Hill Deli & Catering, capture the essence of Wichita with this beautiful flag-donning piece of art. You can learn what ICT means by reading our Local Language blog. 316 is of course, the area code. Paired with iconic images like the Wichita flag, Keeper of the Plains, a Kansas buffalo, wheat and Wichita skyline, this piece incorporates what it means to be from Wichita, Kansas.

Lupoli Mural
Photo by: Apples & Arrows; Mural by: Lupoli - Josh Tripoli and Rebekah Lewis “Greetings From Wichita” - 3215 E. Douglas

Lupoli does it again with a mural in College Hill. This Wichita postcard masterpiece has become the center of photo ops in the city. With rich, local art history displayed within the word, “Wichita,” this piece tells the story of artistic greats like Blackbear Bosin, Edward Hopper, Birger Sandzen, Tom Otterness and Connie Ernatt. Several other artists’ work can be seen within the blocked letters. This is one of many photo hot spots within the town.

Make ICT Mural
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Make ICT “Sharrowing is Caring” – 1116 E. Douglas Ave.

“Sharrowing” is the concept of sharing and borrowing, whether it be resources or the sharing of space to make a positive impact on the community. This piece is courtesy of Make ICT, a group encouraging others to hone creativity while protecting the beauty of the city around us.

Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Brickmob - Chris Garcia, Nicky Rocho, Jesse Steele, Richard Garcia and Samantha Steele “Mead Crossing the Arkansas” – 100 N. Cleveland Ave.

This creation tells a story of history with one of Wichita’s founding fathers. J.R. Mead was one of four men who helped develop the city into a booming cattle town, and eventually an industrial empire. The mural was created by Brickmob, a group started by several Wichita State Fine Arts students. Their work can be seen at many locations around town.

DeafKan Mural
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: DeafKan – Heide Ren Storme, Adrian Buentello, Josh Tripoli, Michelle Calhoun and Heidi Howard “See the Signs”– 122 S. Hydraulic

Art speaks loudly on South Hydraulic as the deaf community spreads its message in a language all can understand. DeafKan is a collection of artists promoting an awareness of deaf culture. The group encourages children to be successful, despite having hearing loss. This artwork resonates with inspiration and creates an avenue of conversation within Wichita.

Zion Art Squad
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Zion Art Squad - Jason Villanueva and Laura Cerna “Love Where You Live” – 2611 E. Douglas Ave.

Outside Reverie Roasters, a simple, yet powerful piece decorates the wall. Zion Art Squad, consisting of local pastor Jason Villanueva and Lara Cerna, displays a message of pride in our great city. It encourages locals and visitors alike to be proud of their roots and love where they live.

Kaitlyn Wall
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Kaitlyn Wall and Corbie Leiker “Tardis” – 2202 E. Douglas Ave.

On the side of a building in downtown Wichita, a tribute to Doctor Who adorns a doorway. If you don’t know the story, the blue phone booth is a time machine, taking the Time Lord and his companions between planets and times. TARDIS stands for “Time in Relative Dimension in Space.”  Overlooking the TARDIS, a Keeper statue maintains a watchful eye on the Arkansas River, as a Wichita flag sun shines in the background.

Dylan McNeal Mural
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Dylan McNiel and John Liebau “Peace on Earth” – 2310 E. Douglas Ave.

Sitting atop the Spectrum Paint building, a mural that is truly out of this world catches the attention of all who drive by or stop in. Consisting of a gorgeous galaxy of swirled colors and a peace sign growing from the earth, it speaks to the synchrony of the universe and the need to come together no matter where you’re from. Wichita is a melting pot, and this mural captures that spirit through its vivid imagery.

Brady Scott Mural
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Brady Scott “Fight Fire with Kisses” – 123 S. Hillside St.

Along the same lines of promoting peace and love is a mural on a brick wall on South Hillside Street. The message is clear – when negativity strikes, fight back with positivity and love. The polar bear appears to represent aggression and “the bad,” while the girl blowing kisses shows kindness and acceptance.

Anthony Parker Mural
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: Anthony Parker – 2903 E. Douglas Ave.

Take a look of a snapshot of how Wichita blossomed from open prairie land to a bustling metropolis. This gorgeous piece incorporates Wichita pride and fundamental Kansas symbolism. Notice the hogan in the middle of the sunflower, representing not only the Wichita flag, but a sign of peaceful coming and going to the city.

ICT Army
Photo by: Jason Villanueva; Mural by: ICT-ARMY of Artists – Melissa Gettinger, Margi Ault-Duell, Abram Howell, Axion Chinos and Armando Minjarez “Guardians” – Douglas Avenue under I-135 Bridge

What may look to some to be simple graffiti is actually an artistic collection of intricate designs. The ICT-ARMY of Artists is a group working to empower others to build and improve the culture of Wichita and encourage people to pursue new ways of thinking.

These are just a few of the many bodies of art around the city. See how many you can find while walking the streets of opportunity during your visit to ICT.

1807 E Douglas Ave.
114 N Wabash Ave.
1116 E. Douglas Ave.
1134 E. Douglas Ave.
129 N. Ohio Ave.
Douglas Avenue under I-135 Bridge
1238 E. Douglas Ave.
3407 E. Douglas Ave.
100 N. Cleveland Ave.
150 N. Cleveland Ave.
1720 E. Douglas Ave.
1820 E. Douglas Ave.
2611 E. Douglas Ave.
122 S. Hydraulic
1900 E. Douglas Ave.
2725 E. Douglas Ave.
2202 E. Douglas Ave.
2208 E. Douglas Ave.
2300 E. Douglas Ave.
2310 E. Douglas Ave.
2828 E. Douglas Ave.
2903 E. Douglas Ave.
3001 E. Douglas Ave.
3207 E. Douglas Ave.
3700 E. Douglas Ave.
123 S. Hillside St.
4730 E. Douglas Ave.
4820 E. Douglas Ave.