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    “Wichita isn't nearly as braggy as it could be about its incredible arts scene. Local and touring artists enjoy strong community support, and the city is bursting with colorful murals, innovative art.... More
    “My family and I had the best weekend! We went to Wichita, KS — just a short drive (less than three hours for us) from Kansas City. I’d be lying I if I said I wasn’t exhausted. I’m BEAT! But, so worth.... More
    “After traveling the world for the last 10 years and absorbing all that I could from cultures that challenged everything that I had known, I heard whispers that a new breeze had been cast on my sleepy.... More
    “Wichita may surprise you with its designation as a cultural and outdoor destination. This remarkable, mid-west Mecca offers an incredible range of attractions. Whether you want to feed and pet a.... More
    “Some of the best things I have learned about a restaurant come directly from the staff. The other few items that I figure out are on my own. If someone told me they were going to put me in an.... More
    “In the Oklahoma region many of us over the years have visited Wichita Kansas, whether for a theatrical event at Century II or to see the Chisholm Trail, or to just get a bit of Western atmosphere. I.... More
    “Not many people consider a midwestern city as a family vacation destination, but you’d be overlooking a hidden gem. Wichita, Kansas has a surprisingly long list of fun, family-friendly things to do.”.... More
    “If you want to put some WOW in your weekend, I’ve got a getaway for you. Less than two-and-a-half hours north on I-35 and you’ll be in Wichita. This surprising Kansas city has attractions for all.... More
    “One of my favorite things about exploring the Midwest is that its destinations are often underestimated. There’s always the potential to be surprised, and what I discovered in Wichita, Kansas was no.... More
    “Cowboys – and cowgirls – riding into the sunset. Mining for gold along a cool stream. Navigating your way through mountain ranges or down a rushing river. Channeling the Old West is a great way to.... More
    “Sitting on the Arkansas River, Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and has its roots as a 1860s trading post on the Chisholm Trail. As the largest city in Kansas, it is the center of culture with.... More