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    Matt and Kay Johnson explored the Keeper of the Plains plaza as a part of their visit to Wichita. Click the link below to see what they experienced. More
    " I visited Wichita, Kansas as part of a summer road trip with my son. I was surprised that the town offered a terrific array of activities for family fun. Witchita is a small town (population 400,000).... More
    “A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Wichita, Kansas for a blogging event held at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park . There, I not only got to mix and mingle with tourism boards from all.... More
    Connie and Vernon "Skip" Reed visited the B-29 Doc Hangar & Education Center in Wichita, Kansas and share their experience in the link below: More
    “Last month we took a little road trip to Kansas! My first time in Wichita, Kansas and it was even sweeter with one of my best friends and her kiddos riding along. We spent a few days visiting with.... More
    Matt & Kay Johnson of Happy Trails Hiking visited Wichita and found three great parks to explore and hike..... More
    Matt & Kay Johnson of Happy Trails Hiking visited Wichita, hiking and dining their way through the city. Click the link below to see their adventures..... More
    “At first glance, you wouldn’t imagine cowboys and cattle once strutted down the streets of Wichita. The largest city in Kansas and an industrial manufacturing hub, Wichita enjoys all the trappings of.... More
    "You can take your own Jurassic adventure without fear of becoming an entrée for a T. rex at a theme park in Derby, Kansas. Field Station: Dinosaurs offers up-close encounters with more than 40.... More
    “Our youngest just turned 10! It’s so weird to think that she is in the double digits already! To celebrate her big birthday milestone we headed to Wichita , Kansas for some wildly fun adventures. If.... More
    “The largest city in Kansas, Wichita brings a hip new vibe to art, culinary, architecture, and culture that makes it a great getaway. Known as the “Air Capital of the World,” Wichita is the corporate.... More
    “Go west, young man” until you reach Wichita , the largest city in Kansas. An iconic sculpture, wildlife parks, fascinating architecture, and an emerging foodie scene await you. Here in the “Aviation.... More
    “It’s springtime, and with that comes adorable baby animals! Let’s lift our spirits and take a look at the adorable animals born at zoos throughout the USA since January 2019.” Click the link below to.... More