If you’re newly relocated or visiting for the first time, you’re probably wondering where to find dining hot spots in Wichita. You’re in luck because following the foodies in Wichita is like taking your taste buds on a trip around the world without ever leaving the city.

A Wichita food tour can take you through the global flavors of countries like Mexico, France, Greece, Italy and more. Grab a fork and let your taste buds explore among Wichita's many restaurants.

Doma_pork belly dish_Asian

Asian Restaurants

Wichita has a rich Asian culture and access to authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Order fresh sushi, tasty pho or sip some sake.

Doma, meaning home, is new to Wichita’s food scene and is the first shared plates concept. While not solely focused on Asian cuisine, their innovative menu highlights traditional Latin and bold Asian flavors.

More Asian restaurants include:

Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria

Italian Restaurants

For those foodies who love pizza, pasta and other authentic Italian food, Wichita has several options in addition to those listed in our fine dining section.

For pizza so authentic you’ll think it was made in Italy, head to Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria. Owner Robert McMullin trained under master Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia in Naples, Italy, and brought everything he learned back to Wichita. The pizzeria prides itself on its commitment to more than 300 years of Italian tradition and technique. Even the oven was shipped from Italy! The dough goes through a long fermentation process, giving it a texture and taste that your taste buds and your stomach will appreciate. Long fermentation, combined with a hot oven and short bake times, produce a crust that is soft, pliable and often referred to as "light and airy.” Additionally, all of Piatto’s ingredients are hand-selected to offer pizzas that are reminiscent of those in Naples.

Find more Italian restaurants and pizza options at one of these other Visit Wichita partners:

mezze platter_meddys

Mediterranean Restaurants

We are known for having some of the best hummus in the Midwest, so take a tour of the Mediterranean restaurants in Wichita and taste for yourself. Thanks to its large Lebanese population, Wichita has dozens of restaurants that serve traditional Lebanese cuisine – hummus, tabouli, baba ghanoush, shawarma, Fattoush salad and more.

Meddys, a local favorite in Wichita, serves fresh, fast and authentic Mediterranean dishes. They opened their first location in 2014 and have been providing foodies with mouthwatering dishes ever since. They now have four locations on the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Old Town and West.

A few more places you can find hummus, baba ghanoush and other popular dishes from Mediterranean restaurants:

Street Tacos from District Taqueria

Mexican Restaurants

In the mood for something spicy? Wichita’s Mexican restaurants won't let you down.

For street tacos, margaritas and more, head to downtown Wichita and try one of the flavorful varieties at District Taqueria. Owners Michael Farha, a longtime caterer, and his cousin Marc Humsi, have created a stylish, vibrant space and Farha has designed each taco to come with its own topping. For example, the carnitas have queso cotija, charred green chili and cactus salsa verde. All of their tacos are served on soft corn or flour tortillas from local tortilleria La Tradicion and topped with various salsas and veggies. Customers can choose from various fillings such as carne asada, shredded and braised beef barbacoa, pork carnitas, red mole pulled chicken and even de lengua (tongue, for those unfamiliar).

And don’t forget the grilled street corn and dip trio, which includes tortilla chips and guacamole, salsa and creamy queso!

Order tortas, enchiladas or burritos and grab a cold margarita at one of these other Mexican restaurants partnering with Visit Wichita:

Pouring Wine at Cafe Bel Ami

More International Flavors

When it comes to international cuisine, Wichita offers flavors from all over the world. Authentic French, German, Jamaican and more can be found at several locations around the city.

One option is Café Bel Ami, which has been creating upscale international cuisine in downtown Wichita for more than 20 years. This longtime Wichita restaurant is close to Wichita’s convention district and its location downtown makes it a perfect stop before a show or performance at INTRUST Bank Arena or at nearby Roxy’s Downtown. They have several French dishes on their menu, from a filet au poivre and seafood Mélange for dinner and a gateau for dessert.

Here are even more International restaurants:

Find more restaurants in Wichita the next time you’re wondering where to eat.