If you’re newly relocated or visiting for the first time, you’re probably wondering where to find the hot spots in Wichita for foodies. You’re in luck because following the foodies in Wichita is like taking your taste buds on a trip around the world without ever leaving the city.

A Wichita food tour takes you through the global flavors of countries like Mexico, France, Greece, Italy and more. Grab a fork and dig into these options from among 1,200 Wichita Restaurants.


Asian Restaurants

Wichita has a rich Asian culture and access to authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Order fresh sushi, tasty pho or sip sake. There are so many options, and here are a few:

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Italian Restaurants

For those foodies who love pizza, pasta and other authentic Italian food, Wichita has several options in addition to those listed in our fine dining section.

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Mediterranean Restaurants

We are known for having some of the best hummus in the Midwest, so take a tour of the Mediterranean restaurants in Wichita and taste for yourself. Here are some places you can find that and other famous dishes:

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Mexican Restaurants

In the mood for something spicy? Wichita’s Mexican restaurants will deliver. Celebrate the street taco or grab a cold margarita at one of these Visit Wichita partners:

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International Restaurants

When it comes to international cuisine, Wichita offers flavors from all over the world including Europe. Authentic French, Continental and Spanish cuisine can be found at several locations around the city. Here’s just a short list to get you started:


From a traditional or unique spin on the burger and fries to good, ol’ barbecue, Wichita has options galore for American cuisine. You’ll find an array of settings, too, from sports bars to family-friendly diners to white tablecloths. Here are just a few of Visit Wichita’s American restaurant partners:


Burgers & More

cafe and coffeeshops

Cafes & Coffee Shops


Delis & Diners

farm to table



Finger-licking-good Barbecue


Sweet Treats


Upscale Dining & Steakhouses

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Vegetarian & Vegan

Many of Wichita’s more than 1,200 restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options using fresh, organic ingredients and all-natural flavors and combinations. Here are a few local restaurants where you can find those specialty dishes:

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Brews & Cocktails

All this food might make you thirsty, and Wichita has the perfect way to quench your thirst – One of our many local breweries, wineries or favorite places to grab a cocktail. Here are just some of the options:

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