Exploration Place

Exploration Place is the state’s premier science and discovery center and sits on a 20-acre parcel along the Arkansas River in the scenic downtown Wichita Museums on the River district. Internationally acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie designed the 100,000-square-foot building and adjacent park, which features a free venue that includes wetlands habitat, adventure play yard, picnic groves and Festival Plaza and an 18-hole mini-golf course.

Inside, you’ll find a gift shop, snack bar, the Boeing Dome Theater and Planetarium, the Kemper Creative Learning Studio and a dozen interactive permanent exhibits. Exploration Place also hosts traveling exhibits that showcase the importance of math and science in the world around us.


Permanent Exhibits

Big Mouth: 7-foot-tall pearly whites make a fun, interactive way to learn the importance of oral health. 

Bridging Art and Science: Encounter sharks, bony fish, swimming reptile and more by artist Dan Varner.

CreatorSpace: Invent, tinker and learn in this space that is what you make it!

Design Build Fly: Nearly 50 interactives offer a behind-the-scenes look at how airplanes are designed, built and flown right here in the Air Captial of the World.

Explore Kansas: Discover our state from the ground below to the clouds above by looking at Kansas’ land, water, weather and the life it supports, both past and present.

Kansas in Miniature: Enjoy this animated display of 1950s Kansas with model trains.

Kansas Kids Connect: Young children will discover the world around them and find out how country and city living are more alike than we may think.

KEVA: The possibilities are endless as you create different structures using 4 ½-inch long wooden planks.

Making a Landmark: Dive into the land’s history and encounter the story of the building’s award-winning architectural design.

Nano: Imagine and discover a world you can’t see – the world of nanotechnology.

The Vanishing Cowboy: Enhance your understanding of ranching culture with this photography collection and you will come to appreciate this vanishing way of life.

Where Kids Rule: Explore in this expansive three-story castle where many adventures await!

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