January is National Hot Tea Month and we’ve got you covered on how to enjoy the second most consumed beverage in the world (water is No. 1). This month is a great time to warm up with a healthful cup of black tea or develop your tea-drinking palate by trying new varieties and flavors at Wichita’s tea shops, coffeehouses and retailers.

Make time for tea in Wichita with these suggested activities:

Hot Tea Month_Spice Merchant1

Teas and supplies to enjoy at home

Among the top places in Wichita to buy tea and teaware is The Spice Merchant and Company, a family-owned store in business for four decades. They are considered Wichita’s original gourmet coffee roaster but equally beloved for their selection of spices and teas. As you peruse their more than 200 choices of loose leaf tea plus all the accessories you need to brew a cup at home, be sure to talk to the well-informed staff who will share their passion for the products. You also can find small batch tea brands among the eclectic gift items at Bungalow 26 in the Historic Delano District, at many ethnic markets in Wichita and at the Leaf & Stone Apothecary.

Hot Tea Month_Reverie1

Order tea at a Wichita coffeehouse

Most coffee shops around the country serve at the minimum a chai tea and a selection of tea bags to steep in hot water; Wichita’s coffee scene goes beyond the basics no matter what part of the city you’re visiting.

Find unique tea blends by Wichita-based Leaf Logic Wellness Tea at Reverie Coffee Roasters, a full-service café, bakery and specialty coffee roastery, and the one-of-a-kind flavor of the Stash Double Bergamot Earl Gray tea served with locally sourced honey at Espresso To Go Go. Order the London Fog, a delicious combination of Earl Grey tea, vanilla and steamed milk, at Coffee Daze.

Even more options can be found at The COOP, a bakery, coffee shop and Boba bar and place to play board games. They have an extensive drink menu including espresso, Boba tea, smoothies and more.

That’s just a few of the many coffee shops in Wichita.

Cocoa Dolce Chocolates from the Old Town Location

Pair chocolate and tea

Stop at one of the three Cocoa Dolce Chocolates lounges in Wichita—Bradley Fair in east Wichita, New Market Square in west Wichita and the Old Town location—for a fun tea experience. You can enjoy one of their Harney & Sons hot tea blends and pair it with a tea-inspired artisan chocolate. Their London Fog chocolate is made with strongly steeped Earl Grey tea, cream and sugar encased in a white chocolate ganache. They also carry matcha green tea almonds for snacking.

A cup of hot tea sits on a table at Feng Cha in east Wichita

Try a trendy boba tea served hot

Despite being popular across the country—where it can be called bubble tea or boba tea—many people don’t realize that this fun and tasty tea-based drink can be served hot as well as cold. The boba in boba tea is the tapioca balls that are in the bottom of the drink, introducing a fun texture, and a boba tea is fully customizable, from the base you choose (classic teas, milk teas, fruit teas) to your toppings (jellies, puddings and bubbles). Create your own sweet and creamy concoction at tea shops throughout Wichita, including Boss Tea ICT, Dolphin Tea, ICTea, Feng Cha Boba Tea, Kung Fu Tea, Leaf Teahouse and Sweet Pops, to name a few.

Looking for more drink options while in Wichita? Explore more flavors here.