We searched high and low for some of the best Black-owned restaurants and dining establishments in the Heart of the Country. Mouthwatering soul food, big juicy burgers, delicately cut pieces of cheesecake and wine tops our list. In no particular order, here are some places that we think will give you a sneak peek into the soul of Black dining experiences.

Sport Burger

Ask Wichitans where to find the best burger and Sport Burger is always in the top two. Insider tip: Sport Burger isn’t number two. This made-to-order burger joint, located at 134 N. Hillside Street, is a drive-thru only. For 10-plus years this cash only burger stand has served the community. The menu is straightforward and consists of five combos. You might want to wear stretchy pants if you are ordering the ½ pound double bacon cheeseburger with hot, freshly salted French fries and a drink. 

Quita B’s Soul Food

On the corner of 17th and Poplar streets, you’ll find Quita B’s Soul Food restaurant serving the best soul food in town. Classics like chicken wings, smothered pork chops, creamy mac and cheese, savory mustard greens, fall-off-the bone neck bones, tender oxtails and more are generously served here. It’s not a fancy restaurant and the food is served in Styrofoam boxes. Be prepared for the “it is” to set in immediately after you devour this soul food.

A plate filled with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and corn bread is served at Quita B's in Wichita

Wichita Cheesecake Company

Located in downtown Wichita, Wichita Cheesecake Company offers the perfect sweet treat. Their motto is “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” This family-owned business aims to serve customers decadent cheesecakes each and every time. Some of the popular desserts include the cookies and cream, chocolate, s’mores, Snickers and fruit cheesecakes. Dine inside or outside on a sunny day.

Three pieces of cheesecake are topped with different sauces at Wichita Cheesecake Company

Willie’s Food Truck

Willie’s Food Truck has great chicken wings seasoned and cooked to perfection. Flat and drum lovers come from all over the city to try Willie’s wings. As a Cash App only food truck, be prepared to pay digitally. Our personal favorite menu items is the signature lemon pepper wings. Follow Willie’s Food Truck Facebook page to make sure you know where to find it and to try some of these fantastic wings.

Other popular Black-owned eateries include Artichoke Sandwichbar, BChic Bar and Grill and Southeast Carryout, just to name a few. Now that you have a taste for Wichita’s dining scene, check out our complete list of restaurants and make plans to eat your way through Wichita.