Enjoy a night full of empowerment and inclusivity at the annual Wichita Asian Festival. Walk into a room lined with never-ending tables full of Asian representative foods. A magical aroma ignites the room. From mouthwatering crab rangoons, freshly made dumplings and refreshing boba teas, the smells leap through the air. Take a seat and enjoy the harmonic sounds of traditional Asian music. Watch dances so intricate and complex that they bring a breath of life to the music. Listen to the joyful laughs of people from all around the Kansas area coming together to share an appreciation for Asian culture.

The event offers discovery of rich culture, traditional outfits, masterful performances and food representative of a variety of Asian countries. The festival is from 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, Oct.15 at Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center. Here are five things to know about the Wichita Asian Festival.

Dances bow with hats at Wichita Asian Festival in Wichita KS

1. New VIP Tickets

For the first time ever, the Wichita Asian Festival will charge a $5 admission fee for those age 10 and above. This year the festival will also be selling a select number of VIP tickets, which include skipping long food vendor lines and early entry into the festival! Half of the proceeds from ticket purchases will go back to supporting the community, specifically in the form of academic scholarships for local youth. Purchase both VIP and general admission tickets here.

Performers play drums during cultural dance at wichita asian festival in wichita ks

2. Live Performances and Entertainment

There will be multiple on-stage performances highlighting different traditions and values of Asian culture.

  • Traditional dances and music
  • Multiple Asian countries and religions represented

Participants at Wichita Asian Festival dance in Wichita KS

3. Asian Flavors

Taste the flavorful food from various Asian countries.

  • Purchase delicious Asian food made from family recipes and representing a variety of countries including Philippines, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and more
  • 20 food vendors on site

crowds gather at Wichita Asian Festival in Wichita KS

4. Vendors and Merchants

View traditional clothing and find unique, handmade items.

  • Browse and buy cultural handmade items from craft vendors
  • Artwork and crafts not typically available in Wichita will be on hand, representing seven countries in Asia

Pageant contestants for the 2022 Asian Festival pose for a photo

5. Miss Wichita Asian Festival Pageant 

There will be eight contestants competing for Miss Wichita Asian Festival.

  • The contestants represent Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Laos as follows:
    • Miss Nepal: Aakriti Adhikari
    • Miss Cambodia: Dominique Lam
    • Miss Bangladesh: Toyeba Khan
    • Miss Pakistan: Sahareem Zia
    • Miss India: Aruna Murugesan
    • Miss Vietnam: Michelle Tong
    • Miss Philippines: Trinity Rouse
    • Miss Laos: Amelia Phommachanh

The Miss Asian Festival Pageant winner in 2021, Miss Philippines, Via Bayani Heitzman, will be presenting the crown to the winner of the 2022 pageant. Additionally, Lily Wu, anchor and reporter with KWCH-TV, will emcee the event.

For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page.

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