June 14 is a day the nation celebrates National Flag Day, but it is also the day Wichita adopted its very own flag back in 1937. You have likely seen the red, white and blue banner waving around the city – each piece symbolizing the spirit of Wichita. 

The flag may have been created and adopted more than 80 years ago, but it didn’t become the symbol we recognize today until around 2015. Flag fever took over a few years back when the communications team at Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce began promoting the creative ways the Wichita flag was being featured, thereby creating a sense of civic pride in Wichita.

In honor of National Flag Day, the organization Together Wichita is recognizing several city leaders by presenting full-size Wichita flags to the City of Wichita, Wichita Police and Wichita Fire Departments. Organizers will hand out 35 flags for 11 parks and all the police and fire stations around the area.  The flags were created by Wings of the Wind Kits & Toys, a small, local business here in Wichita.

Last winter, Together Wichita also presented full-size Wichita flags to every school in the Wichita School District, USD 259.

Explore Wichita's flag, it's history and what it means to the city.