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Add Photos (Media)

1. Click Collateral to add/edit Media

Extranet Media

2. After you click the Listings icon and then Media, you will be presented with your property’s images to possibly be used in listings and special offers. The pencil icon will allow you to edit an existing image. By clicking the red x icon, you can delete an existing image. The clone icon will allow you to duplicate an image. You can also Add New Image by clicking the button.  Add New Image to upload new photos. Please be sure to select "Image" for type or the photo will not appear on your listing. 

Important: Your images should be a horizontal layout and at least 1900 pixels wide by 760 pixels high so your listing will look its best. Disclaimer: if you do not add high-resolution images, your photos on will appear blurry. Please no logos or images with text as they will be distorted or blurry as well on your listing.

Extranet Media Options

3. Make sure you select "Image" for type and be sure to check the box for your website listing so your images will appear on our website. 

Extranet Media Information

4. Follow the same steps to add additional images. These photos will appear when someone clicks on your listing from Consistency looks best, so please choose similar sized photos. Again, horizontal layout is preferred.

5. Make sure to Save.

Example of completed Listing:

Listing Example

Wichita Highlights