In addition to one of the most photographed places in Kansas – our 44-foot, 5-ton weathered steel sculpture Keeper of the Plains sitting atop a 30-foot pedestal in the middle of the Arkansas River – Wichita has great places for photography, including stunning architecture and numerous murals that make for fun family or group snapshots.

Best Places

We reached out to four professional photographers to get their thoughts on Wichita's best photography spots and Instagrammable locations. Check out their suggestions with some stunning examples.

Darrin Hackney

Darrin Hackney Photography

Darrin is known for his wedding and portrait photography.

His suggestions:

  • WichitaHenge – This is when the sun sets exactly down the middle of the street. For the example here, I positioned myself on First Street next to the Scottish Rite Temple to get a tunnel effect from the buildings. Check an app like Light Trac for the next available date when this will happen in Wichita.
  • Kansas Aviation Museum – this is Wichita’s first airport and I love the art deco building
  • The platform above Union Station – Large concrete structure with the word “Wichita” on the south end
  • ICT Pop-Up Urban Park – food trucks, mini Keeper statues and a concrete ping pong table
  • Old Cowtown Museum – more Wichita history
  • Keeper of the Plains – iconic


Jeremy Miller

Drone-tography LLC

Jeremy, the owner/operator of Drone-tography LLC, is known for his aerial landscape photography using drones. He reminds all aerial photographers that it is always important to make sure before you fly to know your location’s guidelines and regulations. Safety is his top priority with UAV flights. He holds a Part 107 UAS pilot license and was also granted a night waiver. Before any flight, he uses a safety checklist and gets all flights approved and gains clearance to access airspace through LAANC system.

His suggestions:

  • Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center – great place to capture architectural design while exploring what I think is an iconic part of Wichita
  • Keeper of the Plains – beautiful statue makes for a great focal point along the Arkansas River
  • Exploration Place – from the air you can see unique structure and placement of this building in conjunction with the Arkansas River
  • Skyline – from any outer corner of downtown Wichita you can always get an amazing shot of our skyline with sunrise or sunset


John D Morrison

Prairie Vistas Gallery

John is a well-known Kansas landscape photographer. While he spends much of his time photographing across the state, John lives in Wichita and operates a studio here that is open to the public.

His suggestions:


Ricardo “Rick” Reitmeyer &

Rick is a photographer and Photoshop artist based in Wichita. He works in many niches, from aviation to travel photography, and also offers small group workshops.

His suggestions:

  • Sedgwick County Zoo – Even though there are many barriers to overcome, like cages and fences, the opportunity for prize-winning photos are readily available. I notice what the keepers wear when they feed the animals, including their hats, and wear something similar. The animals pay more attention if they think you’re feeding them. Also, I like to visit toward the end of the day, many of the animals are more active…maybe hungry and a little more grumpy.
  • Local wildlife parks – Swanson Park is near me on the west side of Wichita and it’s designated a Wichita Wild Habitat area. You'll need to start early, before the people activity sends the animals – I’ve captured images of deer, owls, wild turkeys, raccoons among others – into hiding. Make an extra effort to go when it's snowing. Each animal leaves a nice set of footprints to follow with your camera.
  • Old Cowtown Museum – The weathering wood, dirt streets, the effort so many employees and volunteers put into their character and outfits. My favorite time to be there is when the weather is not at its best: Try a rainy summer afternoon or a snowy winter day.