Friday, June 29 is National Camera Day, a day that commemorates photographs, the camera and their invention.

We encourage you to celebrate the day in Wichita by exploring some of our best photo spots. We reached out to three professional photographers based in Wichita to get their thoughts on photography locations where residents and visitors should take their cell phones and cameras.  Be sure to use the arrows above the galleries so you can see all the images from each photographer.

John D Morrison, Prairie Vistas Gallery

John is a well-known Kansas landscape photographer. While he spends much of his time photographing across the state, John lives in Wichita and operates a studio here that is open to the public.

His suggestions:

  • Scenes along the Arkansas River – go near sundown
  • Downtown building detail – look up and look small, often
  • Historic City Hall (now the Wichita-Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum) and historic Sedgwick County Courthouse
  • Some of the larger parks, like Chisholm Creek and Pawnee Prairie
  • Exploration Place

Ricardo "Rick" Reitmeyer, &

Rick is a photographer and Photoshop artist based in Wichita. He works in many niches, from aviation to travel photography, and also offers small group workshops.

His suggestions:
  • Old Cowtown Museum – one of my favorite local inspirations for taking photos. The weathering wood, dirt streets, the effort so many employees and volunteers put into their character and outfits. You can almost experience time travel to the late 1800s. My favorite time to be there is when the weather is not at its best.
  • Sedgwick County Zoo – Thousands of people with cameras go here every year. This is one of my favorite places to give workshops because there are many barriers to overcome to capture that amazing photo: safety barriers, cages, fences, animal moods, lazy sleep afternoons, the heat, the cold, the weather. I’ve noticed a lot of zookeepers wear khakis and a green shirt, so I like to wear that and go toward the end of the day when it seems many animals are expecting to be fed. They are moving more, they're a little grumpier, paying attention, following the movements of the people, looking for the zookeeper.
  • Local wildlife parks – Swanson Park is near me on the west side of Wichita and it’s designated a Wichita Wild Habitat area. I’ve spent a lot of time there capturing quite a few photos of deer, owls, wild turkeys and more.

Ricardo Reitmeyer

Darrin Hackney, Darrin Hackney Photography

Darrin is known for his wedding and portrait photography.

His suggestions: